Friday, April 5, 2013

Family Time Friday!

What happens in the SUV when we're alllllll together for a 30 minute trip.

 ME: *Plugs the Auxiliary cord into radio*
Four teenage boys(in unison): Uggggghhhhhh!
Michael: Pull over I'm driving in Kayla's car.
Me: There's no room for you in her car. Really, Michael how often to I get to listen to my music in the car? Never.
Me(Singing into hairbrush): We don't need no education! We don't need
Michael: What is this crap?! This is some straight up white people music.
Me: Its Pink Floyd
Hubby: That band is a bit on the dark side if you ask me.
Dejon: Yeah, just like Anakin.
Me: in Star Wars
Dejon: *blushes* NO!!!!! You don't know him......he, ummmm died years ago. He was on the dark si.......
DeAnthony: *Cracks Up* You lie!!! Mom, he is talking about Anakin from Star Wars.
Three older boys to Dejon: Your're such a dork!
Ahhhh, can't you feel the love ;)

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