Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pick Up A Book....and Read!

I finally find something the two little ones can do, so I can write.....and in comes Devan Searles and DeJon Searles wrestling down the hall, into my bedroom and both crash landing on my bed.

Me: Are you about finished now?

Dejon: I just wanted to win the WWE!

Me: And I just want to W-R-I-T-E!

Dejon: You want to wort!?

Can you believe he's an honor student? ‎#ReadMoreBooksLessVideoGames


  1. OMG, LMAO!!!! I can't. That was hilarious:)

    1. It never stops Nicole!!! I think the older they are the worse they get ;)

  2. Lol gotta love boys!!! Always wrestling & somehow ALWAYS ends up in your room or wherever you are!!!! Wouldn't trade it for the world tho!!! I'd definitely have no life if I didn't have them!!!!