Sunday, February 23, 2014

Juliusism Sunday!

Making The Grade!
Julius got his first report card in yesterday, but since his dad didn't get home until after he went to bed, and left before he got up again.....he called his cell phone. Unfortunately, Paul Searles didn't answer is cell phone, because he's at a football game and can't hear it ringing. Julius decided to leave a message.
Julius: Dad, I got my report card today and I got all A's and B's. No wait. I got all A's. I didn't get any B's, C's or D's, E's F's G's, H's, I's or J's K's or.....Mom, what's after K again.
Me: L
Julius: Yeah, and no L's or M,N,O,P's. *takes a breath* Let's just say I got all A's and no other letters.


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