Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dysfunctional Wednesday!

Dejon: I need $10

Me: For what?

Dejon: It's part of my cheerleading outfit for the powder puff game

Me(lifts an eyebrow): Does this have to do with you not getting enough playing time during the football games?

Dejon: What!? Noooooo!!! The cheerleaders are playing football in a powder puff game, and some of the JV football players are wearing pink t-shirts, that's why I need the $10, We are standing on the sidelines like the cheerleaders would during our games.

Me: Ohhhhhhh!!! Like a parody of sorts.
Dejon: Yes.

Me: Okay, well do me a favor....will you wear a pair of booty shorts with the pink t-shirt, so I can take pictures?...

Dejon: No, my thighs are too big.
Bahahahahaha! I love our conversations....they can totally go anywhere!

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