Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Dysfunctional Wednesday!

I have a pre-teen boy and over the last couple of years he's had an aversion to soap and water. This is a typical conversation between us.
Me: When is the last time you took a shower?
Pre-T: Ummmm......on......Sunday.....of this month!
Me(smh): Oh, good.....we still have one more Sunday in the month, so were good!
Conversation between us over New Year's holiday.
Me: If you are not going to take an active interest in your are not letting your afro grow out. 

Pre-T: I am taking care of it.

Me: Ummmm...ya, no you are not. I can literally envision those Mucinex guys setting up camp on your scalp, sitting on their couch playing Call of Cootie on their PS3! 

Conversation this morning....after Pre-Teen has taken a shower for three days in a row.

Me: Who are you and what have you done with my son?

Pre-T: What?
Me: Were you abducted by aliens?

Pre-T(smiling): No!

Me: What's with you showering three days in a row?

Pre-T: I don't want my hair cut.

I do believe I'm making progress!!! 

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