Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dysfunctional Wednesday!

 Mother's Day 2014
Jenna: Mom, you're a why don't you ever put something sappy on my Facebook wall. I mean its Mother's Day!
Me: I'm Sorry. I like to keep shit real.
Jenna: It's aren't an emotional person.
Me: I is true.
Jenna: Even Dad(the ex) is more emotional and sappy than you are.
Me: I swear that man has a vagina.

*LMAO* I don't care who you are that shit was funny!
Jenna: Mom!
Me: What? I bought you a Nutribullet! You should have your father write something sappy on your wall!
Jenna: You know he can't spell!
Me: Or tell time!

Bahahahahahaha! I had to stop the conversation, because I could go on all day with that topic!

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