Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dysfunctional Wednesday!

In honor of my oldest son's 17th birthday, a small excerpt of the first time we met him at the ripe old age of 5 years old!  He was, and still is wise beyond his years!

I remember it like it was only yesterday. Before we could have any weekend visits with our new son, the State of New Jersey required a meeting via satellite.

From a conference room at the University of New England, I watched a monitor, as my little man strutted into a room in Anywhere, New Jersey.  With his tiny, chubby legs he could barely climb into the chair between his two caseworkers, Ms. Sheree and Ms. Paulette.

The concept of seeing his new parents in television was confusing for him, but after awhile and a lot questions....he figured it out. 

After introductions and a few questions back and forth, he leaned over and said to one of his caseworkers "Hey, do ya'll know those people be white, right?"  Ms. Paulette said, "Yes, Michael they are white. How do you feel about that?"  "Can they change colors, cuz I have magic shoes....and they can change colors."  Ms. Paulette said, "No, people can't change colors like that."  Michael responded, "Oh. Okay, than this good.  This is real good, because my new dad works at 7-Eleven and he can get free Slurpees at all his stores." He rubbed his little tummy and said, "I love me some Slurpees!"

Happy Birthday Michael!!!!  We Love You and Are So Proud To Call You Our Son!!!

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