Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Dysfunctional Wednesday!

On the way to the dentist with Isaiah!
Isaiah: Mom, now that I'm going into 4th I old enough to kiss a girl?
Me: What!?
Isaiah: Well, what if a girl ask me out?
Me: You are much to young to be even considering a girlfriend, but you can certainly have a girl, that's a friend.
Isaiah: what do I say if they ask me out?
Me: Well, what would you want to say?
Isaiah: Yes...if she was cute and doesn't pick her nose and eat it.
Me: You're making me ill.
Isaiah: I know, right? If a girl farted a the dinner table...can I break up with her.
Me: I would think that would be grounds for a break know, especially if it was intentional.
Isaiah: So....can I kiss a girl if I'm in fourth grade.
Me: Not unless your a 21 year old 4th grader!

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