Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Dysfunctional Wednesday!

On the phone with my mother last night! She's the reason behind "Dysfunctional Wednesdays"!
Mom: So how is homeschooling going?
Me: Good. We are doing a unit on chickens. I/we are going to build a chicken coop and the boys are going to raise a few chickens.
Mom: Play with chickens?
Me: No...raise.
Mom: Braise? You're going to eat them?!
Me: No! *smh* (Trying to think of another way to word it) We are going to GROW chickens.
Mom: Oh!!! Well, is Paula Berendes Langill going to help you with that?
Me: Why would Paula help me with that? It's April Langill that raises chickens.
Mom(silent for a second): Oh!!!! I get it now. I thought you said "throw chickens" and Paula knows about that. You meant you're going to raise some chickens. I get it now.

She's special!

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