Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Dysfunctional Wednesday!

I'm so glad my kids don't have self-esteem issues. Do they have a down day once in awhile....sure, but for the most part they are secure with themselves. It could be their genetic make-up or being raised by a blunt speaking, Italian/French mother...I don't know.
It got my attention when I heard DeJon in the kitchen and then the conversation ensued.
Devan: What? I'm making my lunch for tomorrow.
Dejon*laughing*: You're not going to use that lunchbox are you?
Devan: What's wrong with The Avengers?
Dejon: Dude, you're in 8th grade. *laughs*
Devan: Mom, do you think people will make fun of me if I bring an Avengers lunchbox to school or should I just go with a good ole' fashion brown paper bag.
Me: Oh, Devan honey...if they wanted to laugh at you they would have done it by now!
Dejon*rolls on floor laughing*
Devan(sighs): Okay...Where's the Buzzlight Year one?
Me: In the cupboard by the sink.
Devan: Thanks.
Michael(17 year old): What? You can't use the Buzzlight Year one...that's the one I use!

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