Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Dysfunctional Wednesday!

For those of you that know me well...I have a very blunt parenting style, especially with my teenagers. Mama got jokes...its the only way to approach teenagerdom! My biggest fear with these keeping them as innocent for as long as possible. When Michael went to prom we had the "sex" talk....and yes I was very blunt then. Tonight he got home from his 9 hour shift at McD's, definitely not his dream job or anyone elses either, took a shower and was heading out with the GF. Of course, I told him "No sex" and got the eye roll, to which I reply..."I'm just keeping it real, because a baby means you'll be coming home everyday from a 9 hour shift smelling like a greasy french fry! Think about it. No purple lights for your car, no toys, no freedom. Don't be trading in your sub-woofers and tweeters for a pair of boobs. get the urge...slam that bad boy in a window and it'll go away!" Then I finished with my normal..."Be good, drive safe, I love you." speech.

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