Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dysfunctional Wednesday!

Michael was gently trying to let me know that while he was out driving in my car this afternoon...he about shite his pants by over correcting the SUV.

Michael(nervous smiling): Don't freak, but this afternoon....Phew! I kind of over corrected, because I had to swerve around an animal.
Me: What?! What kind of animal?
Michael: It was a turtle...a big, big turtle and he popped out at me.
Me: Michael, turtles don't pop out of anywhere...they're too slow.
Michael: Well, there was a opossum that came out right after him.
Me: Really? Aren't opossums nocturnal?
Michael: Nooooo!!!! Listen.
Me: So a turtle and an opossum...I swear Michael if you tell me a Bambi, a chipmunk and a bluebird came out right after I'm going to think you're SnowflippinWhite!
Michael: No! I have a pic of him.
Me: The opossum?
Michael: No, the turtle.

One day is all I'm asking events, no drama, etc. I've been waiting for that day for 28 years now...the odds are not in my favor.

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