Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dysfunctional Wednesday!

My second floor sounds like a guy's locker room, as people are showering and dressing! Julius is singing out of tune...I think on purpose. The other boys are pinning him down telling him to stop. He's laughing...and still singing at the top of his lungs!

Then I hear...
Dejon: Devan, stop busting in the bathroom...I'm butt-nekkid!
Devan: No you're not! Liar!
Dejon: Devan you freak put the camera phone away!
Devan: *screams*
Dejon: Mom, Devan is being a freak! He's trying to take a video with his camera phone and I'm butt-naked!
Mom(yelling over the stairs): Devan, knock it off! Dejon, don't worry...even if he does get shot in...we'd need a zoom lense to see anything.
Devan(laughs): She slayed you, dude!

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