Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Dysfunctional Wednesday!

Isaiah and Julius were discussing superpowers in the car on the way home.

Julius: If I had flying for a superpower would you send me to the store for milk?
Me: Yes, if you were older and it wouldn't make you crash.
Julius: Well, I'd take any superpower really...but I would really like to fly.
Paul: Why do they even consider Batman a superhero...he doesn't have any superpowers?
Isaiah: He has super technology, Dad!
Me: Ummm...Batman is a superhero. Duh! He has a bat mobile!
Paul: But its not a superpower!
Me: Well, technically Iron Man isn't a superhero then, because his is all technology too.
Isaiah: Well, Batman was trained by a Ninja he can fight.
Me: Yeah, Paul!

As our friend, Miss. Paula says, "Paul you just got superhero schooled!"

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