Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Dysfunctional Wednesday!

We are looking at possible houses to set up a homestead...something with a bit of land. I saw one and fell in love with it...and the price wasn't too bad either. I showed Dejon a.k.a. Hollywood, who indulged my creative juices.

 He said, "See all those trees? That would be a safe place, in case of a zombie uprising."

I was so tickled. "You're so right. We could totally build tree stands and create signals as we see them coming. We could get equipped with crossbows and just take them down one at a time. Like a Zombie Squad!"

He smiled, "Yup, that is doable."

Then I said, "We should probably think about know before all this happens." LOL! The rest of the kids think I'm weird, but not DeJon! He gets it!

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