Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Word's of Wisdom

Isaiah: The other night at Braxton's house Julius was playing with the campfire and burnt me by accident.
Me: Well, you or your brother shouldn't be playing with fire.
Isaiah: We were making torches, so we could hunt zombies
Me: I think the key words here are "never play with fire"
Isaiah: Actually, the key word is "accident"
Me: Ummm.....nope, not buying it! Go ask your father what happens to little boys who play with fire.
Isaiah: Daddy, what happens to boys who play with fire?
Paul: They pee their beds!
Ironically, Julius had an accident the next day, so it was very convincing :)
This is the words of wisdom my Father-In-Law instilled in all his grandkids, except for the five youngest, becasue he passed away a week before Isaiah was born. However, when he said it....the kids all believed it!

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